How To Manage User Roles

By default, the site's admin users have full administrative privilege to access and use all the Form Vibes features on their sites. However, there are times where we need to allow the Author, Editor, Subscriber, and Contributor to our site to access the Form Vibes. In addition, to enable users to manage forms and entries, we need to assign them access privileges. 

To assign roles in Form Vibes, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to Form Vibes → Settings in the Word Press Admin menu.
  2. Then click on the Role Manager tab.
  3. Different access permissions for different users like Editors, Authors, Subscribers, Contributors, Customers, and the Shop Manager are specified.
  4. You need to toggle the settings to assign different access roles to different users.
  5. Core
    • View Submissions: Enable it to allow the user role to view form submissions
    • Delete Submissions: Enable it to permit to delete the form entries.
    • Export Submissions: Enable it to give access to different users to export form entries.
    • View Analytics: It allows users to view the Form Vibes Analytic window.
    • View logs: Enable it to let the users view the event log details.
    • Manage Data Profile: Permit to manage the data profiles.
    • Manage Export Profile: Enable it to give permission to manage the Export profile feature.


    • View Notes: Enable it to allow the user role to view notes.
    • Add Notes: Allow the user role to add notes to the submissions.
    • Delete Notes: Enable it to permit to delete of the notes.


    • View Status: Allow the user to view the submission status.
    • Change Status: Permit the user to change and manage the captured submissions statuses.
  6. Then click on Save Changes.

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