Display Submission Count on Frontend

The Data Profile feature also lets you display only the count of the number of entries from the data source when we filter out the profile data based on some conditions and logic.

When selecting the counter as display type, you can show the numeric count of the number entries, the plugin used for creating the form, and the form name.

Follow the steps to display the submission count :

  1. In the WordPress Admin dashboard, Go to Form Vibes >> Data Profile.
  2. Click on Add New to create a new profile.
  3. Under the Display Type, select Counter

Form Vibes: Data Source Settings

Data Source

  • Form: Select the form for which you want to create a data profile.
  • Date Range: Set the date range, select from a preset range, or select a custom date.
  • Data Filters: Set the filter parameters to select data based on some criteria. 
    • Status: Choose the submission status based on which you want to filter.
    • Condition: Set the filter parameters according to which you want to filter the form data.

Counter Setting

When selecting Counter as display type, you can display a custom message containing the number of entries by a particular form and plugin name used to create the particular form.

Form Vibes: Counter Settings

Then, Publish the post profile. Next, a post-Shortcode is generated; use the Shortcode to display the counter details.

Form Vibes: Generate Post Shortcode

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