Data Filters

In the Pro version, you will get the feature to apply more filters to your form submissions.

To filter out the submissions, click on the Filter icon on the toolbar.

Form Vibes: Data Filter Option

Once you click on the filter icon, you will get different filter options.

Form Vibes: Data Filter Settings

  • Select the submission status based on which you want to filter the records.
  • Set relation like And, Or between multiple filter conditions.
  • Next, select the field on which you would like the logic to depend on. All the column headers are displayed to choose from. 
  • Next, select a comparison operator, like equal, not equal, contains, and Not contain. Enter the specific term or a key according to which you want to search the form data.
  • To add multiple conditional logic, click on the Add new Condition option.
  • Once you click on the Apply Filter button, all the form entries that meet the filter conditions are displayed. You can also view the count of the total number of entries displayed.

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