Mark Submission Status

On the Form Vibes Submission page, you will notice a default status marked corresponding to each entry.

You can easily mark the entries as Read, Unread, and Spam. This will help you to filter the entries if you are looking for specific ones.

To set an individual entry status, click on the Status button next to the submission and set its status accordingly.

Form Vibes: Set Submission Status as Individual

Bulk Actions

If you want to mark the status for multiple entries all at one go:

  • Select multiple entries, click on the Action button on the toolbar, and select the Status option.

Form Vibes: Status Options

  • Next, set the Status for the entries by clicking on the drop-down and then click on the Apply button.

Form Vibes: Set Submission Status as Bulk

  • You will notice all the selected entry statuses are updated. 

Form Vibes: Updated Submission Status

Note: To mark submissions statuses, make sure that you have enabled the Status feature in the Form Vibes >>Settings page.

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