Form Vibes Settings Page

The settings page allows you to manage advanced Form Vibes settings configurations.

To reach Form Vibes Settings.

Go to  Form Vibes → Settings in the WordPress Admin menu.

Different configuration options are available to manage Form Vibes settings.

  • Dashboard Widgets:  It is enabled by default; it lets you add Dashboard Widgets in WordPress.
  • Save IP Address: The Save IP Address will let you decide whether you want to save the user's IP Address or not.
  • Save User-Agent: Enable it if you want to save browser user agent information in Form Vibes.
  • Debug Mode: The debug mode allows you to view the form Id along with the form name. You can enable or disable it accordingly.
  • CSV Export Reason: Enable it if you want to specify the reason for the CSV export.
  • Auto Refresh: Enable it to set the frequency for the automatic refresh.
Form Vibes Configuration Settings

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