How to Edit Form Submissions

Once the user submits the form, its data is captured and displayed under the Form Vibes Submission page. But if you feel the need to make some changes in the submitted form data, you can easily edit the information directly.

To edit the user-submitted data:

  • Go to Form Vibes >> Submissions
  • Select the Form whose data you want to edit. All the captured submissions are displayed tabularly. (Note: You can edit the submissions for all the forms except Caldera Form)
  • To edit the entries, Toggle the Quick Edit icon on the Form Vibes setting toolbar. 

Form Vibes: Enable Edit Submission Button

  • Next, click on the field data, which you want to edit. Make the desired change, and click on the Save (green tick) Icon, and that's it. The form information is edited.

Form Vibes: Select Field to edit

Note: Some information cannot be edited, like IP Address, Submission Date, Page URL, and User-Agent.

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