Rearranging & Editing Columns

By default, all the fields contained in the form are displayed, but if you want to view only some specific fields, you can hide other fields' data by clicking on the view button.

Form Vibes: Rearrange & Editing Column Option

Rearrange Columns 

As soon as you click on the  View button, all the fields from the selected form are displayed. You can adjust the visibility and positioning of the field by the simple drag and drop method. You can also edit column names from here just by clicking on the textbox.

Form Vibes: Rearrange Columns

Customizing Rows

To customize the number of rows displayed on the Entries page, simply click on the row drop-down list. In the drop-down tab, you can change the number in the Pagination field to your preferred number of entries per page.

Form Vibes: Customizing Rows Option

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