Exporting Form Submissions Into CSV File

CSV export is used to download the form submissions into a separate CSV spreadsheet. A CSV file is helpful for many different things. CSV stands for comma-separated values and is a file type that can be understood by spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Creating a CSV

  1. To export form entries to a single CSV file, you will first need to go to Form Vibes → Submission Option.
  2. Then, select the form to export entries.
  3. Then select the  Quick Export option.
  4. Once you click this Export option, a popup message is displayed. If you have enabled the CSV Export Reason option in the Form Vibes Setting page, you need to mention the reason for the export. Otherwise, directly click on the Export to CSV button.
  5. The download begins immediately, and all the records are exported to a separate file format. 

Note: Using the Quick Export option, you can only export (1,000) submissions. To export more submissions, you need to use the Export Profile feature of Form Vibes Pro.

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